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a very lovely affair - chinese wedding || manila destination wedding photographer

when wendy & arthur got married, it truly was an emotion-filled day.

from lots of giggles getting ready, to nervous anticipation for their first look, to the tears of sorrow & happiness during their tea ceremony to the fun we had on their portrait sesison…it was such a joy to photograph.

and ...

canada vs the philippines - personal || destination photographer

what a title for my Talking-from-the-Heart Thursday post, hey?

really it’s not gonna be a battle royale. :)

if you haven’t stayed up to snuff on my blog, i was in canada for 2 weeks in june to shoot the delightfully fun wedding of KYM & WINMARK. i had known ...

a PERFECT victoria wedding || destination wedding photographer

i remember when meg’s mom asked me if i would be interested in shooting her daughter’s wedding. i have know kathy her mom for what seems like EVER!  in a good way of course. ;) YES!, i exclaimed. and that was that. a wedding in victoria, on vancouver island in ...

kym & winmark - the manila wedding celebration!! || destination wedding photographer

i just couldn’t resist…i knew when i was going thru the images on the back of my camera yesterday during the session, that we were getting some good ones.

and i also knew that i couldn’t wait to post them on the blog!

we headed down to the wall city, or intramuros ...

kym & winmark - the vancouver wedding celebration! || destination wedding photographer

as i type this i’m standing in manila, the day of the two part wedding celebration of kym & winmark! we are going to have a fantastical time doing their wedding photos in old manila this afternoon before their big manila reception!

so as you sit thru this slideshow, we will ...

kym & winmark - the SNEAK PEEK - vancouver wedding

when kym first asked me about finding her a wedding for her vancouver wedding last december, i told her i’d have lots of options for her. she then asked if i would photograph their MANILA wedding celebration afterwards. it was then, that a lightbulb went off in my head: why ...

happy anniversary to our {one true wish} couple! - vancouver wedding photographer

has it been a year already?? well…then HAPPY ANNIVERSARY IS IN ORDER!!!

congrats on your first year! many more roads ahead for you two, the passionately in love with life and each other!

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ryan & jessica - boracay bridal session || destination wedding photographer

one of the most glorious places i’ve been to is located right here in the philippines. the island of boracay is a dream of sorts. what was once a deserted island with nobody but locals on it, has become a getaway tropical paradise that has a place for everyone. the ...

it's always fun wearing the BLUE OLIVE hat || second shooting

one of the last few weddings i second shot in vancouver before we moved overseas was with BLUE OLIVE. i have had the pleasure of shooting weddings now and then with them for 3 seasons. they are IT. they ooze fun, creativity and sass! i find whenever i got to ...

you have been amazing, YVR.. || vancouver wedding photographer


last night lover and i got to get all dolled up for a gala. the professional BC wedding awards had their first year of awards that went out to the vendors of the bc wedding industry. december 1 was the gala night! what a fantastic party! the venue, district 319 ...

vogue sposa - bridal session - spoleto, italy

i can’t believe it’s been 4 days since i left italia! what an amazing almost 2 weeks spent in one of my most favorite countries. my time with max, cristiana and fede was so wonderful…the FOLLOW YOUR HEART TOUR was outstanding! it was such a great trip. albeit i missed ...

happy 5 shari lee & mikey v! || destination wedding photographer

5 years ago at a ranch in southern saskatchewn, small town farmgirl, shari and her “city boy” from the Hat, mike, tied the knot.

who knew that today they’d be living downtown vancouver in a super cute gastown condo?? running the amazing shari lee photographers business?

well they are. and after ...

SNEAK PEEK! taunia & aaron - oct 2, 2010 - saskatchewan wedding || wedding photographer

today’s wedding was great! the sky was clear, the sun was shining, my couple was so excited.. it was a great wedding to end my 2010 season! congrats to mr & mrs aaron turnbull!! :)

just a couple shots from today’s wedding..  cuz i can. :) more to come soon!






katrien & steven - second shooting with jamie delaine || vancouver wedding photographer

one of the last weddings of my 2010 second shooting season was this month with jamie delaine. it was a beautiful wedding; held at shawnassey golf course. it had been raining NONSTOP the day before. but the morning of the wedding, the rain subsided and the clouds dispersed some and ...

why not get married at a castle? || destination wedding photographer

lots of us girls dream about our wedding day. what we will wear, what it will all look like, where we will get married.

one wedding i shot in germany was near this ADORABLE town of garmisch partenkirschen. the little town itself was a dream…walking everywhere..cafes and shops along the ...