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SNEAK PEEK deux!! ang & brock - saskatoon wedding || destination wedding photographer

i wanted to put a few more photos of the lovely angelica & brock… because they are some fine looking folk and i just love them so.. xoxo

20100905_brockang-0001.jpg 20100905_brockang-0002.jpg 20100905_brockang-0005.jpg 20100905_brockang-0007.jpg 20100905_brockang-0009.jpg 20100905_brockang-0010.jpg 20100905_brockang-0011.jpg 20100905_brockang-0012.jpg 20100905_brockang-0014.jpg 20100905_brockang-0017.jpg 20100905_brockang-0018.jpg 20100905_brockang-0020.jpg 20100905_brockang-0021.jpg 20100905_brockang-0022.jpg 20100905_brockang-0023.jpg

some things you just can't make make it sunny || vancouver photographer

it’s true. we live in vanoucouver, the city of, mostly, rain. don’t get me wrong..i love it here. i just REALLY treasure the sunny days. but you can never bank on the sunny days. the sunny days..yes..its like they have a mind of their own. crazy really ...! || vancouver destination photographer

i love is just what i do. if i’m not shooting with my camera i’m shooting with my iphone..i have THOUSANDS of iphone shots in a year and half..CRAZY!

in the spring whilst shooting for the grace ormonde shoot with reine, my other partner in crime, melissa ...

SNEAK PEEK!! ang & brock - saskatoon wedding || destination wedding photographer

what a fun weekend!! and boy was it so hard to pick a FEW to showcase until the big post..

so here’s what i got for you..for now.. :) more to come in coming days!

much love to you, ang & brock!! xoxo20100905ba-6133.jpg 20100905ba-6301.jpg 20100905ba-5076.jpg 20100905ba-6530.jpg 20100905ba-5166.jpg 20100905ba-6593.jpg 20100905ba-5121.jpg

contact me  |   my online portfolio  |   ...

saskatoon is the place to be this weekend || vancouver destination photographer

here i am in the metropolis of saskatoon, saskatchewan, canada. to shoot the lovely angelica & brock’s wedding tomoro!

after my excessive time at the vancouver airport due to a 1.15 hr delayed flight, i hit saskatoon with jenn, ang’s twin sister, and we headed to the bachelorette dinner at ...

part 2 of shooting pretty tables for grace ormonde w/reine mihtla || vancouver wedding photographer

in one of my previous posts i showcased one of the amazing tables designed for grace ormonde back in april. reine mihtla invited myself and melissa gidney to shoot digital details of the tables alongside her. what a priviledge and a complete blast it was!

today’s table design is by the ...

shooting pretty tables for grace ormonde w/reine mihtla || vancouver wedding photographer

when my dear friend reine, of reine weddings, asked me if i’d be up for shooting some digital details for some table settings she was doing, i said sure. reine shoots film. i love that. and so to shoot some digital details would be a breeze. then she begun to ...

ang & brock - calgary eSession || destination photographer

i met ang waaaaaaaaaaay back in about 2001/2002.. ang is an identical twin. everyone always got her and her sister jen mixed up. i never did. even though it’s obvious they are identical twins, each of them has a unique, beautiful personality of their own.

i dont recall when i ...

the smithers wedding - august 7, 2010 || i am a destination photographer

i love my job. i love that i get to be with people on one of the happiest days of their lives. i love that my job takes me to different places on the map. i love that my job…really doesn’t feel like a job. :)

when my fellow photog ...

smithers wedding - SNEAK PEEK! || destination wedding photographer

i was up in smithers, northern BC, to shoot a wedding last weekend. hence the lack of blogging! :)

will put up one photo from the end of our day..right out of camera… i cannot WAIT to go through more of these pictures.

enjoy! xo tracey 20100807samdae-2094.jpg

simon & andrea - second shooting with fran chelico || vancouver wedding photographer

this season i’ve been able to shoot with my dear frannie fran friend several! :) she is a HOOT..always crackin jokes and making me giggle. i think next wedding i am wearing depends.. ;)

well that was a most pleasant way to start a wedding ...

eugene & hannah - second shooting with fran chelico || vancouver wedding photographer

last weekend i got to shoot with one of my dearest friends and amazing photographer, fran chelico. not only was frannie’s couple ADORABLE, but they had a GORGEOUS day with GORGEOUS details. and to top it off, frannie had me in stitches the WHOLE day. seriously..i love my job ...

ada & thomas - second shooting w/STUDIOjeanie || vancouver wedding photographer

the first weekend of july i had the priviledge to shoot with one of my besties and fellow photog, jeanie of STUDIOjeanie! her couple, ada & thomas were SUPER adorable!! 

i met up with the guys while jeanie was with the ladies. we strolled down 4th in kits ...

winnie & tom (some more photos!) - second shooting with STUDIOjeanie || vancouver wedding photographer

jeanie of STUDIOjeanie posted on her blog some photos from the wedding i second shot with her 2 saturdays ago… :) :)

here’s a few of them… (the first two, yours truly shot) :)








to see more photos of the day, check out jeanie’s blog!

winnie & tom - second shooting with STUDIOjeanie || vancouver wedding photographer

one the things about my “job” that i LOVE LOVE LOVE, besides shooting my own wedding commissions is second shooting for other local vancouver photographers!

and this season i’ve got the opportunity work with some fun, fabulous photographers: jeanie ow of STUDIOjeanie, Reilly & Miranda Lievers of Blue Olive Photography, Fran ...